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Astatic website pages has fixed content displaying same information for every visitor. A fixed HTML code is used for all the pagers and only the content can be changed by updating the HTML script or through a designer or webmaster.

With access to mobile networks which is now available to 90% of the population, with number of subscription around the world exceeding 5 billion, and developing countries accounting for two-third of that number. It is imperative to have advanced digital solutions for all and any organizations.

A Static Web Design is the simplest and the most efficient mode to stage your services, products and business information. Static Design is perfect for the business sites where the updates of services and products is not essential. On the other hand, a dynamic web design (LINK) would be the preferred option for the sites on which the content is updated frequently.

In the modern era the trend has now been shifted to online business. A sudden boom has exploded and this has open a gateway to display your business products or services via static design. BdiZital Company is a name you can trust and depend for your business growth and success. Our professional Static Web Design Company is dedicated to provide top class services for all our clients of different shapes and size. We have a large collection of Static Web Design services and experts to offer you the best offering compared to your competitors.

Benefits of Static Site:
  • Easy to create and host.
  • Low cost.
  • Easy modification of site content.
  • SEO friendly site.
  • Well suited for business sites that not require content update.
  • User friendly interface design for static sites.
  • Easy layouts for website with flexibility to change when necessary.
  • Option to view the site before uploading it on the server.
  • Rich and high quality web design images.
static web design
WHY BdiZital:

We believe that static design services are the most essential for any business online. The main feature or quality of a static design is its stability and less requirement of scripts and HTML codes, which help in displaying accurate information. BdiZital services are preferred by the clients because of the quality and consistency.

BdiZital is the most trusted and dependable high profile company. We do not comprise with customer satisfaction and objectives. Our main focus is to achieve your target and accomplish your goals. Strive hard and build your business with high return profit is our Mantra. Our key objective is to draw new customers to your business with the existing ones

  • Provide you with attractive layouts.
  • Use the latest Static Web Design techniques.
  • Improved and refined effects.
  • Creative and unique static designs.
  • High class specialized promotional activities.
  • Affordable rates.
  • Flexible content presentation on the web pages.
Apart from having an awesome design, a site should have a search engine friendly design and coding. Some of the practices for a static web-design are:

Keywords for search engine optimization. The right keywords should be used for your target audience in the market to easily find you.

Placement of keywords in the right position on the page for successful integration of your site on to the search engine.

Creating a structure that search engine can easily follow.

When you should consider to have Static Web Design-
  1. If your website content is not updated frequently.
  2. If you’re a small service provider with limited range of products or services.

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