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Payment Gateway Integration Services

A payment gateway is an ecommerce application service that allows an online business or merchant to securely accept electronic payments for his e-business, online stores, bricks-to-clicks and the traditional brick and mortar. It acts as a bridge between the merchant and the user for making and accepting payments online securely and safely in real time. It provides a positive shopping experience for the online users and buyers, this helps in bringing more traffic on the site and repeat purchases. It can be considered physical point of transaction terminal located in many of the retailer’s outlet. It protects and safeguards the vital information of the credit cards such as the long digit credit card number and the CVV number to ensure the information passes safely when the payment is made for any product between the merchant and the buyer.

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It’s Benefits
  1. Security protection for business operations.
  2. Act as a vault for data to be transferred safely.
  3. Commanding anti-fraud defense for cyber-attacks.
  4. Boost sales through multi-currency payment processing.
  5. Recurring billing automates cash flow
  6. Quick installation
  7. User friendly
  8. Can process multiple processing accounts.

As online shopping trend has been boosting in the past few year, payment gateway integration is an authentic mode of payment option for online business portals and ecommerce website.

BdiZital India provides Payment Gateway Integration Services for your e-commerce website. Our services will facilitate your sale terminal at many of the retail outlets. We Payment Gateway Integration Services to integrate the gateway to your website effectively and that also of your choice. You provide us the payment gateway of your choice and our experts will help you to implement it on to your ecommerce website. BDizital is a trustworthy name in the field of payment gateway integration services for many of the ecommerce shopping cart applications. Payment gateway integration is a very essential and vital service that any of the ecommerce website needs today. It allows a site to accept real time payments for the products and services purchased by the user around the globe. This fast emerging and growing awareness and interest in the ecommerce has made it really important for the web site owners to integrate a payment service that is secure and fast. BdiZital has experienced and professional team for your support at every step. We will work according to your needs and help you achieve your objectives.

Advantages of working with BdiZital:

  1. User friendly
  2. Real time transactions
  3. Money is transferred to merchant’s bank account automatically.
  4. Business is available around the globe for users 27x7
  5. Contact us for your queries and for more information regarding the gateway integration services.
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