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The Monetised search API allows to monetise mobile app/site with the integration of advertisers apid lists. It also provides the add-on search content like backfill list, pictures, spellings and appropriate search recommendations

The service is now available on a number of smart devices. BdiZital Monetised Search Company India provides Monetised Search solutions for clients across the globe.

Working of a monetised Search:

Customer punch in a keyword or a phrase, generated from the search box or a link on the mobile application or site.

The API returns comes back with the paid advertiser list based on the punched in keywords or phrases, with add-on web backfill list, pictures, related search and suggestions. The results are displayed for the customers and the revenue is generated on a click made on the paid listing. The ‘term correction’ functions is also used to optimize the results which help in the click/ profit increase in addition to standard search implementation. BdiZital Monetised Search Company India solutions are been used by various number of mobile services across nation. Our Monetised Search solutions are relaible and provide optimized search results for your customers.

Advantages of working with BdiZital Monetised Search Company India

B'diZital Provides the following Big Data Analytics for the clients:

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Advantages of working with BdiZital Monetised Search Company India
  • Optimized Search Results for Your Customers
  • Attract Healthy Enterprise Community
  • Optimized Search and Advertising on Mobiles
  • Reduced Operational Cost
  • Value Offered
  • Connect Mobile Users with Advertisers
  • Mobility Consulting
  • Gain New Customers and Improve Sales Revenue Via Mobile Devices
  • Mobile Media Long Term Opportunities and Future Planning
  • We thrive when You Succeed

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