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Every day the number of customers using the smart devices for shopping is increasing. For this the online merchant has to find easy and secured payment gateways for the customers to make quick payments for their shopping, with safety and avoiding the fear of being theft. BdiZital India Mobile Payment Gateway Solutions are user friendly and beneficial for both, the merchants and the online shoppers. The trend of shopping has been changing very rapidly over the years with people shifting from the regular shopping that to digital ecommerce shopping. With this change it is important to develop a payment gateway option that is available for the customers to help them pay for their internet purchases. Our mobile money transfer and bill payment has been crafted for the convenience and safekeeping during the online payment transactions. To overcome this ever growing requirement we have developed mobile payment gateway solutions that are unique and address the requirement of the mobile transactions, simplifying growing technology.

Features of BdiZital Mobile Payment:

Allows the merchants to receive payments on their mobile via debit/credit, mobile coupons, prepaid cards using moble internet, NFC etc. through a hosted solution, accomplish to integrate with merchant bank and aggregators network with least impact.

Strong CRM with analysis and reports, transaction alerts, failure reports of transactions, transaction management and sms, email alerts.

Secure payments and peace of mind for the customers for the card payment. Cardholders protection of the identity

B'diZital Provides the following Big Data Analytics for the clients:
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Mobile Payment Gateway

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It's Advantages

No Requirement for a Special User Deployment

Auto Generated Reports for Users

Automatic Transfer of Money in Bank Account

Real Time Process and Card Validation

Value offered:-

Easy Integration

Higher Conversions

Increased Efficiency

Great Merchant Support

We thrive when You Succeed

we add value to your business by delivering High Quality Professional Services

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