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We have a lot to learn about digital transformation, what it is, what it offers business. Certainly its most effective when tied to an end goal, milestones, tranches related to future? However, it’s for business strategists to drive social business evolution and digital transformation strategies based on insight from peers and market leaders.

The essence of digital transformation comes to people and how their digital behavior varies from traditional customer.

Digital Transformation is different for every organization. It’s an evolving process and we all are evolving. Its realignment of technology and business models to efficiently engage digital customers end to end suiting respective business goals and requirements, however, this should not be misunderstood as an effort to renovate business vision, models, and investment for a new digital economy.

Digital Transformation is vast, hence difficult to identify series of best practices outlining how businesses are changing. Every organization indulging into Digital Transformation have their Strategist start with Journey Mapping to Improve Customer Experience have clear understanding of digital touch-points with new Social and Mobile Technologies with renewed Focus on


New Digital Channels can be catalyst both for digital transformation and eventually digital customer experience. The customer online journey is core and its important to understand how it flows and then map it what is being offered and identify gap and then strategies GAP fulfillment plan by product enhacement or technology infusions or offering upgradation as the case may be. Effectivey build up Digital Strategy based on journey mapping findings. Effectively it reflects a more holistic approach to enhacing digital customer experience.

Most Important digital transformation initiatives with priorities may differ based on respective organizational goal is:-
  • Website and ecommerce program – ecommerce without Mobile App is incomplete effectively a multi-channel strategy
  • Digital transformation company India Robust Processes that expedite Changes to digital properties i.e. website update, social platforms etc.
  • Overhaul Digital Customer Service - integrated for all platforms to give continuose customer service support
  • Integrating all Social, mobile, web, ecommerce service to integrated digital customer servic
  • Building compelling Social Media Program-more competitive against peer
  • Creating sense of urgency - align digital trans-formation estrategy to plans
  • Research customers' digital touch points
  • Update customer facing technology
Most important Digital Transformation has its own challenges, company culture and management drive is fundamental to success. Without openness to change digital transformation will not happen.
Benefits of Digital Transformation – this can be measured both at business level and customer level
  1. Robust lift in Customer engagement
  2. Significant increase in Customer Satisfaction
  3. Phenominal increase in traffic
  4. Amazing increase in in lead generation
  5. Excellent conversion
Moreover, though it varies from industry to industry and level of organizational involvement. However, this certainly yield significant ROI and:-
  1. Digital Transformation directly impacts bottom line
  2. This leads in excellent collaboration and productivity
  3. This helps companies to assess to real customer experience
  4. Continuous support
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