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Our Unique Current market offerings enhancing customer web- experience on website through Integrated chat platforms and call platforms on a common platform.

Our Free Click to Call Back Software is very simple to integrate with website. With this your will get message of #’s to be called back as soon as web-visitor key’s in his # and you can immediately call back and therefore delight your customer web experience beyond text to call solutions with no cost to visiting customers. Bdizital is a leading digital customer support service. Our integrated Chat, Click to Call Back, Feeback Solutions added with back office support services through our Customer Support Agents.

Our Solutions and Services would benefit all using internet – In other word everybody!

  1. Live Chat is Convenient for Customers
  2. Live Chat Cuts down on expenses
  3. Live Chat Call Increases Sales
  4. Live Chat Gives Clients an Edge on Competition
  5. Live Chat Taps into Customer Pain Points
  6. With Click to Call Back you can revert to all web visitors request.
Click to Call Back
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